Data Warehouse Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I get the Microsoft Add-ins installed?

The Microsoft Add-in is used to access the Data Warehouse through the Microsoft Office suite of tools. This provides the ability to run reports and return the results into Excel, Word, or Power Point.

  • The OIT Help Desk can install Microsoft Add-ins for the Data Warehouse. Contact them (X-5555 or to schedule the install.

How do I change the output format of a report to CSV or HTML?

The default output format when the Microsoft Add-in is installed is a proprietary SAS format. Depending on your needs and what you are trying to accomplish you may want to change the format. You can change the format to csv or HTML by doing the following:

The "SAS" tab in Excel disappeared, how do I get it back?

Under certain conditions the SAS Add-in may be deactivated, causing the "SAS" tab to disappear. You can call the help desk (x-5555) and they can walk you through the steps to reactivate the SAS Add-in, or you can follow the link below for directions:

I attended a training class and want to know where can I get a copy of the material?

The material is available for download from the following links:

Some coworkers are being trained on how to access the Data Warehouse, how can I receive training?

Training sessions are scheduled through Leadership Valencia. Check the Leadership Valencia calendar for the next available session.

I need access to the Data Warehouse to perform my job, how do get access?

An online form is available to request access to the Data Warehouse. Supervisor approval is required for general access and AVP approval is needed for access to secure areas.

Data Warehouse access request.

Why am I getting a message that my logon is incorrect when I enter my Atlas ID and password to access the Data Warehouse?

The first possible cause is that you may not have been granted access. Before you can access the Data Warehouse for the first time you need to be authorized and your ID needs to be setup. Access to the Data Warehouse request.

If you have previously been able to access the Data Warehouse and you are able to access Atlas, your account may need to be refreshed. The OIT Help Desk (X-5555) is able to perform the necessary refresh.

Or you can try "Refreshing" your Atlas account yourself. Enter your Atlas ID or VID and wait about 10 minutes before trying to logon to the Data Warehouse.

Why can't I run reports in Excel after changing my password in Atlas?

Your Data Warehouse logon ID/Password is tied to your Atlas logon ID/Password. If, when you run a report in Excel, you are prompted for an ID/Password, use your new password immediately after changing it in Atlas.

If you are not prompted for a password when you run a report in Excel then your password is being stored and it will need to be updated if you change your password in Atlas.

Directions on how to update your password in the Excel add-in are available by following the link below:

How do I request a change to an existing report or to request a new report?

The "Project Request System" (PRS) has been setup to receive and track Data Warehouse requests. Requests for changes should be entered into the PRS.

Why do I get an error message when I try to access the Data Warehouse Portal from outside of Valencia?

The Data Warehouse is only available while connected to the Valencia network. When on campus, this can be accomplished by either plugging directly into the network (like the PC in your office or a laptop that is plugged into a network outlet via a network cable) or connecting to the Valencia Wireless Network (WiFi). Off campus if you establish a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection you will be able to access the Data Warehouse portal. After establishing the VPN connection simply open a browser and connect to the Data Warehouse portal page.


What are reports DQ0001 and DQ0002 telling me?

These reports are used for Data Quality purposes to ensure Credit Hours are properly assigned at the Course, Section, and Meet Time levels. For a complete explanation read  DQ0001 and DQ0002 Explained.