Students who have not attended classes in two or more years must reapply for admission to Valencia College. There is a $35.00 Readmit Fee. Readmit students who were initially classified as Florida Residents for Tuition Purposes must reprove Florida Residency by completing the residency portion in the admission application or by completing a new Statement of Florida Residency for Tuition Purposes form. Please see the Important Dates & Deadlines calendar for the Application Priority Deadlines for each term.

Readmission after Academic Suspension/Dismissal

Students seeking readmission from Academic Suspension must complete the Suspension Readmission Application and follow all required steps in the readmission process by the Suspension Readmission Deadline (established by Valencia and listed in the  Important Dates & Deadlines calendar).  You can find the Suspension Readmission Application in Atlas under the Courses tab. There will be a link to an Educational Success website on the right hand side in the Registration box.