Registration Details

Students register for class(es) online via their Atlas account. If you do not have access to a computer at home or work, you may register for classes on campus using any of our Atlas Access Labs. Atlas registration provides current class listings and a Registration Planner (click here to view a 90 second video on the benefits of using the Registration Planner) to help you create a class schedule with the courses you need.

Students with certain holds will not be able to register for classes until the holds have been cleared. The Registration Planner will tell you if have a hold that will prevent you from registering for classes or you may log in to your Atlas account, click on the Courses tab, select Registration inside the Registration channel, select Registration Status, and then select the term you want to register for -if you have a hold on your account and you are not sure how to resolve it, please visit any Answer Center for assistance.

Registration Options

For Atlas Registration:

To register via the web log in to your Atlas account. If you have not completed the initial account set-up, select 'Sign up for an account' and follow the online instructions.

After logging in to your Atlas Account:

  • Click on the Courses tab
  • Click on Registration inside the Registration channel
  • Click on Register for Classes
  • Select the registration term and click submit
  • Click on Registration Planner to select your classes and create a class schedule (click here to view a 90 second video on the benefits of using the Registration Planner)
  • Send your class schedule to your Registration Cart***
  • In your Registration Cart, click on Register (note, if this is your first registration attempt for the semester, you will be prompted to update your Valencia Alerts and submit your Student Enrollment Agreement before you can complete registration - you will need to return to your Registration Cart after submitting the Student Enrollment Agreement to complete registration).
  • Pay for your classes by the Fee Payment Deadline indicated in the online Important Dates & Deadline Calendar.

***Make sure to Check Your Registration Status (Step 2) to view your registration day and time (Registration Time Ticket) and other information which may impact your registration.

Confirm that you have been successfully registered into all of your classes by clicking on your Student Detail Schedule (you will need to print your Student Detail Schedule in order to purchase books for your classes).

Atlas Access for Registration

If you do not have access to a computer off campus, you may register for classes on campus at any of the following locations:


Registration in Online Classes

Due to state and federal regulations, Valencia College requires all students registered in an online course to reside outside of California and to provide a mailing address outside of the state of California. If you do not have a mailing address outside of California, you will be deleted from any online course(s) in which you register. 


Assisted Registration

Assisted registration is a limited option for being registered on campus by a Student Services Specialist in the Answer Center. Assisted registration is only available for senior citizens, Internship & Workforce Services students, students who wish to audit a course, and students who received a registration override and need to be added to a wait list. All other students must register for courses via their Atlas account.


Dual Enrollment Registration

The Dual Enrollment is for high school students who have been approved to take courses at Valencia College that will count toward high school completion. Dual Enrollment students may register for classes online via their Atlas account. If you have problems registering for your dual enrollment classes please contact the Dual Enrollment Office at


Transient Student Registration

Transient students are currently enrolled college students who register for courses at another institution on a temporary basis (for example: a university student attending a summer semester at a state college). In order to take courses at another institution, you must receive approval from your home institution.

Students whose home institution is in Florida must complete a Transient Student Admission Application on

  • Transient Student Admission Application will also serve as an application for admission to Valencia College. Until then, Transient students whose home institution is in Florida must also complete Valencia College online Application for Admission if they have not previously done so.
  • Students whose home institution is in another state or who are attending a Florida private institution that does not utilize should contact their home institution for permission to attend Valencia College.

Once you have been admitted to Valencia College you will need to create your Atlas account. You will register yourself for your classes via your Atlas account. Only after all approvals have been received should a transient student register for classes. Transient approval is required for each term the student wishes to take classes at Valencia College.

Note: There will be a $5.00 Transient Fee applied to each course you take at Valencia College.


Senior Citizen Registration

Registration fees for students 60 years of age or older may be waived under the following conditions:
  • You must be classified as a Florida Resident. To be considered for Florida Residency please complete the Statement of Florida Residency for Tuition Purposes form.
  • You must register for classes on a space-available basis on the day senior citizen registration begins. Check the important dates calendar to get the date.
  • You must obtain a Senior Citizen Waiver Form from the Business Office or the Answer Center, complete the form, and present it to the Business Office after registering for your classes.
  • You must decide if you want to receive a grade in the course or if you want to audit the course (no grade).

PLEASE NOTE: If you register early in order to assure a space, you will be charged full course fees with no rights to a waiver or refund (you will receive a refund if you drop the class by the published Drop/Refund Deadline or if the class is canceled by the College). If you received an override to register into a class that is full you will be charged for the class.


Students with Disabilities Registration

Students are strongly encouraged to request accommodations from the Office for Students with Disabilities at least four weeks prior to the first day of classes. The college cannot guarantee that accommodations will be available on the first day of classes for those students who choose to request services later than four weeks prior to the first day of classes. However, students have the right to self-identify and request accommodations at any time during their enrollment at Valencia College. For information on programs, special equipment, and other services available for students with documented disabilities, please contact the Office for Students with Disabilities on the campus you would like to attend. All Valencia College campuses are accessible for students with physical limitations.


Class Cancellation

Classes may be canceled during registration due to low enrollment or the ability to find a qualified instructor. If a course is canceled, every effort will be made to notify the students involved and to help them find a suitable substitute class. Notifications will be sent to students' Atlas e-mail account. Important: Check your Atlas e-mail account frequently.


Continuing Education

Valencia College offers Continuing Education for professional development, career advancement, languages, certifications and certification preparation. 

For more information about continuing education courses, workshops, ESOL courses and seminars in a variety of subject areas, please visit Valencia College Continuing Education or call (407) 582-6688 or (407) 582-6755.