Transfer Readiness Information

  • Valencia Career Centers
    • Unsure about your career direction? How to get there? Where am I going and more? Stop by the Career Center office on each of our campuses.
  • AA Degree Pathway/Program sheet
    • Associate of Arts degrees are the freshman and sophomore years  (or roughly 60 credit hours) of a Bachelor’s Degree (roughly 120 credit hours). Your program sheet can provide you with the “recipe” for the course work needed to complete your degree.
  • AS degrees/CPA Info/Program
    • Associate of Science degrees offer you an opportunity to gain skill and knowledge and move into the workforce, or transfer to a college or university. Career Program Advisors are specialist to guide you as you secure your AS degree. Program sheets are available for all 34 AS degrees. Your program sheet is your “recipe” for degree completion.
  • Many colleges and universities off scholarships specifically for transfer students.

Additional tips to enhance your transfer readiness:

  • At Valencia , attend a Skillshop on transferring topics
  • Atlas can offer you options to view and print a degree audit – In your Atlas account, click on the Students tab, then scroll down to Path To Graduation – Run a Degree Audit under “My Academic Progress” to find out what you have left to take
  • Make your transfer easier:
    • See what scholarships might be available. Check out the link above about transfer scholarship information.
    • Speak with an Advisor at your desired university
    • Shop around for the transfer institution that meets your educational goals.
    • Plan ahead for transferring – Look up application deadlines, FAFSA deadlines, how to finance college and how/where you will live.
    • Know what courses actually transfer to your intended institution and how they will be applied toward your degree.
    • Stay focused on your current courses and your goals!