Orientation Information for Parents and Family

Welcome to Valencia College!
We are glad you’re here to support your Valencia College students as they begin this next step in their educational journey. Here are a few ways you can partner with your student to provide support while they are in college.

 Parents and Family Information

Before Orientation

Conversations to have with your Student before Orientation


  • 1
    Discuss financial aid and funding for college.

    Remind your student to check Atlas email frequently to know the most current status in the financial aid process.

  • 2
    Discuss your student's obligations to the rest of the family.

    Are you expecting them to pick up siblings from school? Will you need to take over some child care responsibilities? Help with elderly family members?

  • 3
    Discuss your student's work schedule and the number of classes they want to take.

    Remember, for every one hour in class, students need to spend two hours outside of class studying. Is the schedule realistic for the demands to be met at work and school? What can you do to make sure your student has the time to study?

  • 4
    Discuss proof of residency.

    The school does not know if your student is a Florida resident without proper paperwork (usually provided by parents). Be sure you check the  Valencia College Admissions page for more information.

Champion your student

  • 1
    Empower your student to become independent.
  • 2
    Help your student set aside 2 hours for every 1 hour in class - to study, read and do homework.
  • 3
    Help your student pay attention to deadlines = they're important
  • 4
    Provide support and encouragement when assignments get tough, often during the middle of the semester and exam time.
  • 5
    College changes people. Your student will encounter new ideas and skills - and grow as a result. Ask your student about what he or she is learning.