Tech Express to Valencia

About Tech Express and Locations

What is Tech Express? A great opportunity!

A consortium partnership between Orange Technical College, Osceola Technical College and Valencia that makes it easy for students in technical programs to transition to Valencia College. Students completing approved technical programs earn credits toward a college degree. Tech Express to Valencia gives students on each technical college campus access to a Valencia Tech Express advisor.  Tech Express advisors review career options and opportunities available for students to earn credit. Tech Express advisors provide information on Valencia programs that map to technical college programs and assist students in applying and enrolling at Valencia—ensuring a smooth and seamless transition.

Benefits of Tech Express - Earned College Credit!

  • Earn college credit by completing approved technical certificate or apprenticeship programs
  • Credit that can be applied to one of over 30 different A.S. degree programs available at Valencia
  • Student and instructor access to a Valencia Tech Express advisor who can provide on-site assistance with documentation necessary to receive earned credit
  • On-site assistance with Valencia's application and enrollment process
  • Explore additional career options and expand future career potential

How does Tech Express work?

  • Meet with Tech Express advisor on your campus to review program requirements and process for receiving credit
  • Complete approved technical certificate that is eligible for award of credit
  • Meet requirements stated on articulation agreement
  • Enroll at Valencia and register for at least one course linked to your technical program
  • Submit all documentation required for award of credit
  • Receive anywhere from 3 to 27 credits (depending on the articulation agreement)
  • Check out the Technical Articulation Agreements available to postsecondary students at Orange Technical College and Osceola Technical College.

Save Time and Money

Make a smooth transition to Valencia from an approved technical program that saves you time and money by earning credits that can be applied toward an A.S. degree.

How do I contact a Tech Express advisor?

Your Tech Express Advisors are committed to assisting you during this time and are working remotely to support your transition to Valencia College. Please contact us via email with questions and concerns or make an advising appointment through our Calendly links below. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Anita Gentz  -  -   

Gwen Murrell -  - 

How do I get my earned credit?

Once you have completed a technical certificate approved for college credit, make an appointment with the Tech Express advisor on the campus you attend.  The Tech Express advisor will review the  Steps to Obtain Credit form with you and assist you with Valencia’s application and enrollment process.

Click here to complete the short request form and contact the Tech Express advisor on your tech college campus.