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Welcome! Here you will find information about Online Tutoring Services. We look forward to seeing you in our virtual space.

About Our Services

Online Tutoring Services offers virtual, real-time tutoring provided by Valencia College tutors. It is available to all Valencia College students. You can easily access our free services and all our resources from a computer, laptop, or mobile device. Online tutoring is provided fully virtual via Zoom.

Online tutoring provides academic support in areas such as mathematics, sciences, computer fundamentals, programming, engineering, reading, writing, speech, EAP, and foreign languages, to list a few.

Tech support services are also available live (on-demand) via Zoom, by appointment, or via email. You can receive assistance with navigating Canvas, OneDrive, Zoom, YouTube, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, & PowerPoint), video editing (via iMovie and MovieMaker), and converting documents from a Mac to a PC.

To get started using Online Tutoring Services, click here to visit our Libguide:  Online Tutoring. Here you can connect with our tutors, view current tutoring and tech support schedules, and see courses we support. In addition to online tutoring, you can find information about the following:

Virtual Hours

Monday – Friday: 10am to 9pm

Saturday – Sunday: 11am to 7pm

Accessing Online Tutoring

We are available virtually; students can meet with our tutors without coming to campus. You will be connected via Zoom, providing both the student and tutor access to features like a whiteboard and chat.

The goal of Learning Support is to help every student become an independent learner. By following the guidelines below, students will cultivate independent problem-solving skills and

help maintain a positive learning community. Before connecting with a tutor, please review our Student Guidelines and Expectations:

  • I (the student) understand when I attend an online tutoring session, I will engage in the session by asking questions to help me better understand the topic being discussed by listening to the tutor, observing the virtual whiteboard, and chat feature.
  • I will show respect to all students, staff, and faculty in the online tutoring space. I will wait my turn for help and not interrupt the tutor while they are helping another student. I understand that the online tutoring sessions are open to all students, and I may not be the only student participating.
  • I will come prepared with my notes, textbook, and any other class materials from my professor. This will guide the tutor in providing the most appropriate assistance.
  • I will come prepared with specific questions or concepts I need help with.
  • I will show that I have attempted the work on my own before asking for help. The tutor may suggest that I work on sample problems and return later for additional help and to check my understanding of the concept.
  • I will be engaged and active in my discussions with the tutor. I may be asked to complete additional readings or problems to supplement my learning.
  • The tutor will not do my work for me. Attending tutoring does not guarantee a passing grade. However, participating in academic support like tutoring or group study sessions helps students develop a deeper understanding of course content.
  • The tutor cannot help me with or during tests, quizzes, or alternate assessments provided by instructors. Those are graded assessments used to verify your understanding of the course content.
  • I will not plagiarize. This includes but is not limited to presenting someone else's work or ideas as my own, cheating, furnishing false information, alteration or misuse of documents, and misuse of identification with intent to defraud or deceive (see  Student Code of Conduct policy 6Hx28:10-16
  • I will abide by Valencia College's Student Code of Conduct (see  College Policy: 6Hx28: 8-03 Student Code of Conduct).
Using Zoom

Before joining the Zoom session to connect with a tutor, make sure you have access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone with an enabled microphone. You do not have to have a webcam to participate, but you are welcome to use one if you would like to do so.

You will need to download and install the Zoom app to your smartphone/device to connect.

Download Zoom App


How can I access free online tutoring?

You can access online tutoring by visiting  our website. You can also access online tutoring by

clicking on ‘Tutoring’ in any of your Valencia Canvas courses or in ATLAS by clicking ‘Courses’, then

under the ‘My Courses’ section click on ‘Online Tutoring’. Please have available your student VID

number, assignment instructions, access to course textbooks, and study materials.

Can I get tutoring help if I’m not a Valencia College student?

We offer support to currently enrolled Valencia students and those preparing to take or retake

the PERT. You can receive PERT tutoring support by visiting the PERT support webpage.

Where can I get more information to take the PERT and/or PERT retake?

Tutoring is also available for PERT in reading, writing, and math. We recommend that students

review guide(s) before attending a tutoring session. You can receive PERT tutoring support by

visiting the PERT support webpage.

Do I need to sign up for online tutoring or do I need to make an appointment?

Online tutoring is available on a first-come, first-serve and on-going drop-in basis. No

appointments are needed. Once you access the Zoom platform, a moderator will greet you and

help connect you to our tutors and to our resources.

Do you provide answers to my work?

Tutors are here to guide you through the learning process and to help gauge your level of

understanding. Rather than providing answers, tutors walk you through the process and may

provide examples to fill any gaps in understanding the material. Please review the Student

Guidelines and Expectations above.

How do I get online support outside of your virtual hours of operation?

Additional resources are provided at the bottom of each subject tab on  our website. Additionally,

live tutoring can be provided by  Brainfuse to currently enrolled Valencia students.

Contact Us

All questions and comments can be directed to

We want to hear about your tutoring experience. If you would like to leave feedback, please take our survey.