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Our mission is to ensure the safety of Valencia College students, employees and visitors by adhering to fire & life safety and environmental health & safety regulations, codes, and standards.

The Compliance & Safety Department consists of two Compliance Inspectors who are responsible for maintaining compliance with federal, state, and local regulations across Valencia's 13 locations.  This includes Florida's State Requirements for Educational Facilities (SREF), the Florida Fire Prevention Code, OSHA regulations, Lab and Chemical Safety Programs, as well as the management of all hazardous waste.

Tana Damian David Long
Compliance Inspector, Senior Compliance Inspector
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Employee Safety Training

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Any other Safety Training your department would be interested in?  We will do our best to customize the training to your department's needs.


Safety and Inspection

  • Is the Compliance & Safety Office ultimately responsible for ensuring my compliance?
    • The Compliance & Safety Office is responsible for assisting in compliance, including notifying the college community of changes, providing tools to help implement the changes and auditing facilities as needed. However, each department head is responsible for their own compliance.
  • What should I do if I find something wrong during an inspection of my area?
    • If you find an area needing assistance during an inspection, please try to correct the issue. If additional assistance is needed, contact the Compliance & Safety Office.
  • How do I report a safety concern?
    • If you have an immediate safety concern, please contact your Security Office.
  • Does the Compliance & Safety Office provide required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to my department?
    • No, the Compliance & Safety Office does not provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to each department. Please check with your department head on the appropriate procedure for obtaining PPE for your department.
  • How often do the compliance inspectors inspect each campus?
    • Typically, the Compliance Inspectors will inspect each campus at least once per quarter. Feel free to ask them questions as they tour your area.
  • When a deficiency is found in my area, what happens next?
    • If the Compliance Inspector finds a deficiency your area, they will work with you to correct it on the spot. If that is not possible, an action plan can be developed to ensure the deficiency is corrected in a reasonable amount of time.
  • I corrected a deficiency that was identified in my area. Who do I notify?
    • Please contact the Compliance & Safety Office, so that the area may be re-inspected.
  • How was a deficiency identified in my office when I was not even present?
    • At times, Compliance Inspectors may inspect your work area when you are not present. Due to the various schedules that employees work, it is not possible to schedule an inspection with each employee before entering their work area.

Hazardous Waste

  • When are my completed Hazardous Waste Inventories due to the Compliance & Safety Office?
    • All completed Hazardous Waste Inventory Forms are due to the Compliance & Safety Office by the 10th of the month prior to your department’s scheduled pick-up month. For example, if your department’s scheduled pickup month is August, all completed forms are due by July 10th.
  • How do I know my department’s scheduled Hazardous Waste Disposal pick-up date/time?
    • Once all inventories have been submitted and quoted by the disposal company, a date/time will be scheduled. The Compliance & Safety Office will notify each department (lab manager, supervisor, etc.) of the scheduled date/time via e-mail.
  • How do I obtain labels for my hazardous waste containers?
    • Contact the Compliance & Safety Office to request the appropriate hazardous waste labels. Please specify what type and how many waste container(s) you are requesting labels for.
  • When is Bio-medical waste picked up at my campus?
    • Valencia College campuses have an annual schedule that is followed by the disposal company.  The Downtown campus is picked up on an "as-needed" basis.  Please advise the Compliance & Safety Office if you need a copy of your Campus Pick-up schedule.

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