Student ID Card

All Valencia College students should have a Student ID Card and a parking decal if they’re visiting a Valencia College campus. Follow the instructions below to learn how you can get your Valencia College Student ID Card.

Get Your Student ID Card

To obtain a Valencia College student ID card please visit a Valencia College Security Office.

Your student ID card can be obtained in the Security office on any Campus once you have registered and paid for your classes. You will need your student ID card to access campus services such as the Library and Testing Center. The first student ID card is free. There is a $5 fee for a replacement card. Student IDs can be used for library access, testing purposes and discounts in the community.


To obtain a Valencia College Student ID the following must be completed:

You must be registered for the upcoming semester.

Your classes must be paid in full.

  • If you are using FINANCIAL AID, your account must reflect that the particular aid has been processed and will cover your classes. We cannot issue an ID until your account reflects the above.
  • If you are PAYING OUT OF POCKET (i.e. CREDIT CARD, CASH, CHECK), your account balance must be at $0.00. *If you are paying out of pocket and using the T.I.P.S. program, you will need to provide the confirmation that you received when the first payment was made.
  • If you are using the VA DEFERMENT (GI BILL), you will need to provide the deferment paper. If you do not have the deferment paper, you may be able to verify through your account, the Business Office or through the VA office here at Valencia College.
  • If you are using FLORIDA PRE-PAID, there may be a balance left over after Florida Pre-Paid has processed. This is due to Florida Pre-Paid not covering extra class or lab fees. You will need to pay any remaining balance to bring your account to $0.00.

Valencia College Student ID card

If you are unsure about your current account standing, please contact Student Support Services.

Valencia College ID Cards

Student ID

Employee ID

Student ID Employee ID

Law Enforcement ID

Vendor/Contractor ID

Law Enforcement ID Vendor/Contractor ID