Honors Courses

Honors courses at Valencia College are interdisciplinary, prepare students to become 21st century learners, and integrate research-driven engaged practices. Faculty work with the Honors College to identify one or more of the practices below to integrate into their curriculum: Undergraduate Research, Service Learning, Internationalizing the Curriculum, and Authentic Inquiry-based Learning. Additionally, each course includes two honors-designated learning outcomes:

  • Students will apply problem-solving skills creatively to address societal needs and challenges.
  • Students will integrate interdisciplinary perspectives to enhance course content.

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Valencia College's Honors course availability varies by campus and term. Use the link below to access a full listing of honors courses available for each term.

Honors courses include:

Course # Course Title
ANT 2000H Introduction to Anthropology Honors
AMH 2020H U.S. History 1877 to Present Honors
ARH 1000H Art Appreciation Honors
AST 1002H Astronomy Honors
BSC 1010H Fundamentals of Biology I Honors
BSC 1011H Fundamentals of Biology II Honors 
BSC 1026H Biology of Human Sexuality Honors 
CHM 1045H General Chemistry with Qualitative Analysis I Honors 
CHM 1046H General Chemistry with Qualitative Analysis II Honors 
DEP 2004H Developmental Psychology Honors 
ECO 2013H Principals of Economics-Macro Honors 
ECO 2023H Principals of Economics-Micro Honors 
ENC 1101H Freshman Composition I Honors 
ENC 1102H Freshman Composition II Honors 
EVR 1001H Environmental Science Honors 
HUM 1020H Introduction to Humanities Honors 
HUM 2220H Humanities – Greek and Roman Honors 
HUM 2223H Humanities – Late Roman and Medieval Honors
HUM 2232H Humanities – Renaissance and Baroque Honors
HUM 2234H Humanities – Enlightenment and Romanticism Honors 
HUM 2250H Humanities – Twentieth Century Honors
HUM 2310H Humanities – Mythology in Art and Literature Honors
IDH 2911 Honors Research Process
IDH 2912 Honors Project 
IDH 2955 Honors Study Abroad 
INR 2002H International Politics
MAC 1105H College Algebra Honors 
MAC 1114H College Trigonometry Honors
MAC 2311H Calculus with Analytic Geometry I Honors
MAC 2312H Calculus with Analytic Geometry II Honors
MGF 1106H Liberal Arts Mathematics Honors
OCE 1001H Intro to Oceanography Honors 
PHI 2600H Ethics and Critical Thinking Honors 
PHY 2048H General Physics with Calculus I Honors 
PHY 2049H General Physics with Calculus II Honors 
POS 2041H U.S. Government Honors
POS 2112H State and Local Government Honors 
PSY 2012H General Psychology Honors 
SLS 1122H New Student Experience Honors
SLS 2261H Leadership Development Honors
SLS 2940H Service Learning Honors
SPC 1017H Interpersonal Communication Honors 
SPC 1608H Fundamentals of Speech Honors
STA 2023H Statistical Methods Honors 
SYG 2000H Intro to Sociology Honors
SYG 2010H Social Problems Honors

** To see course descriptions, see the current Valencia College catalog.